How to Maintain a Clean Factory: 5 Actionable Tips

 A man in black boots and blue overalls cleaning the floor in order to maintain to a clean factory.The working conditions can affect the motivation of workers.

I guess you already know that high motivation is an important factor in workers’ productivity. This is because a happy worker is more likely to give his best than one that isn’t.

It is the function of management to create this working condition. One of the ways they can do this apart from good pay and benefits is to maintain a clean factory.

Fortunately, it is easier to do this than to do a massive cleaning.

But the bad news is some factory owners view factory cleaning as an additional cost to overhead. But the truth is if you look at the benefits of maintaining a clean factory, then this is truly an investment.

A healthy employee is less likely to take sick leave. The easier workflow will increase productivity and happy customers are more likely to repeat business. Though some of these may not put direct cash into the company’s account, they all work together to help a company balance its account.

So maintaining a clean factory shouldn’t be negotiated. It should be embedded into the company’s culture.

So here are 5 actionable tips on how to maintain a clean factory.

Clean regularly

Maintain a culture of cleaning the factory regularly.

Regular cleaning of the factory will prevent the accumulation of massive dirt. This is important because massive dirt is not just difficult to clean, but also expensive. Cleaning should be thorough and done at intervals, like daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. There should be a dedicated plan for each of them and the cleaner should be assigned a specific cleaning zone. This is necessary for accountability.

Empty the trash bin

Dispose of the trash regularly to avoid accumulating wastes.

Factories generate a lot of wastes and this can create clutter. So emptying the trash bin regularly is a good way to avoid this and prevent rats from invading your factory.

It can also prevent the breeding of maggots and a smelly environment, especially if it contains degradable wastes. Always keep the lid closed and disinfect after disposal. This is important in maintaining a healthy work environment.

Maintain cleaning supplies

Ensure you have the appropriate supplies needed to keep your factory clean.

The appropriate cleaning supplies are as important as the cleaning itself. This is because without the regular supply of these materials you won’t be able to maintain a clean factory. These supplies should be placed at locations that can be accessed easily. Trash bins should be placed at strategic points to facilitate the easy disposal of waste papers.

Cleaning has gone beyond the stage of removing dirt alone. It now encompasses sanitizing the workplace and making it germ-free. But picking the wrong supplies can sabotage other efforts and objectives. For instance, Chlorine is a good disinfectant but can corrode metals and weaken rubbers; while using ammonia cleaners can have negative health implications.

Light up your factory

Beauty and cleanliness go together.

You might know that proper lighting can help workers increase their productivity. But do you know it can also help you to maintain a clean factory? I guess you don’t.

A properly combined lighting can also be used to create a particular effect in the mind of people, like increasing the perceived size of the factory or to highlight sparkling clean tiles in the factory to create a happy mood in the people.

A properly illuminated factory can help workers to spot dirt easily and clean them up immediately. It can also prevent the hiding of clutter behind shadows. This is important in preventing rats from invading the factory.

Ensure proper ventilation

Ensure an adequate supply of air in the factory.

Proper ventilation is critical to factory cleanliness. This is because a properly ventilated factory will prevent air pollution and the collection of moisture. Moisture can create an environment for mold to thrive and give room for unpleasant smells. These do not only make the factory look dirty, but also unsafe for human health.

A lot of productive hours are been lost to a dirty factory. Maintaining a clean factory will not only prevent this but will also guarantee a healthier workforce.

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  1. Thanks for the tip that most factories create waste that generates clutter and attracts pests like mice. If I were to build my own buttercream milk factory in the next five years or so, I would hire an industrial sanitation service to keep it clean. Doing this will also prevent bacteria from contaminating the milk product, thus reducing its chances to become spoiled.

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