Professional Cleaning

Mosaic’s professional cleaning services are ‘clean and safe’, geared towards attracting the right customer to your business.
Clean surroundings and a healthy working environment are not only important for a functional space, but also for the employee’s well-being and productivity.
Mosaic as one of the fastest growing professional cleaning companies in Lagos, Nigeria, has developed new techniques within the cleaning industry by offering the very latest in efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. We are constantly introducing and implementing new methods and materials, which help improve cleaning effectiveness, as well as the working conditions of your employees, while minimizing any impact on the environment.

The Mosaic Edge

We provide a customized cleaning solution, where scope, frequency and combination of services are carefully adjusted to suit the client’s environment.
We have experience in remote and challenging conditions and can work with clients to maximize cleaning productivity.

Our Professional Cleaning Service Includes:

Commercial Cleaning |Industrial Cleaning | Hospitality Cleaning | Eatery/Restaurant Cleaning | Estate Cleaning | Events Cleaning | Environmental Management | Mall and Cemetery Cleaning | Fumigation and Pest Management


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