Infrastructure and Equipment Sourcing

We procure the best equipment or materials for you, depending on your own specific business requirements.
Whether it is consistency, reliability, price or engineering capability that you are after, there isn’t a product out there that we can’t save money on.
We manage everything to do with you, including sample prototypes, handling quality control, expert negotiation and all necessary due diligence. You will be provided with regular progress updates and we will work through equipment or material improvements together as a team.

No infrastructure would stand on its own without the right equipment to support productivity.

At Mosaic, we formulate and lead the strategic sourcing, and logistics strategy of infrastructure (building and shop fitting).
We oversee the direct procurement, while ensuring that we target and deliver savings, which drives standardized performance.
We develop supply chain execution strategy, procuring, and distribution of infrastructure equipment and direct materials.

The Mosaic Edge

We save cost, our sourcing team negotiate pricing that is on average better than your current supply!

We helps companies bring deliver products faster and also keep our promise.
We are compliance ready, only work with distribute and suppliers who have been approved and vetted by our sourcing team, which means a background check and quality verification process.
Mosaic is 100% valve driven. Our processes will take care of everything and give you a complete peace of mind.

Our Infrastructure and Equipment Sourcing Service Includes:

Procurement | Installation | Infrastructure Maintenance


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