About Us

About Mosaic

Mosaic a high-profile Real Estate brand, nurtured by the core investors to provide quality Integrated Real Estate services in line with contemporary global best practices.

By dent of hard work, collective energy and radical business philosophy, we have, over the years, maintained our profile rating, in spite competitive market and general economic hostility,-the very simple reason, why we have remained like re-enforced concrete.

Fashioned into reality to play key roles in the emerging Realty Market, the scope of our services has expectedly transcended basic Real Estate practices, to include other related services.

Mosaic is compliant with the rule of law and contemporary global best practices, we are affiliated to the following international institutions and statutory agencies of government:


To be the most preferred Real Estate Company in Nigeria.


To continually maintain shoulder-height professionalism in quality service deliveries as client’s preferred Integrated Real Estate service providers among others major players of contemporary reference.


We give exceptional training and ensure that our employees succeed as individuals; we uphold standard lifestyle and good values that defines who we are and what we do as a company.