Value Chain | Mosaic

Our Value Chain

Mosaic is built upon the foundation of high-quality service delivery

and has positioned its operations to do so.

We have a very capable workforce with strong customer orientation and passion for excellence in service delivery. We recruit only the best from the market, equip them with necessary tools and techniques to succeed.


We undertake a comprehensive training program for the on-the-ground team to enable them to be up to speed with improvements on the technology front.

We encourage all our staff members to acquire professional certification from third party certifiers or from equipment providers.


Improves internal and outsourced service providers’ performance by prioritizing tasks and avoiding work backlogs. Simplifies the work forecast and budgeting processes by easily accessing historic data.

Tracks preventive maintenance programs to validate expenditures and comply with international standards or regulatory mandates.

Optimizes capital improvements and budget expenditure decisions.

Effective communication between service providers and owners / occupants of the building.

Health and Safety rules and regulations form a part of how we operate our services. We have what is termed a duty of care to our staff to avoid personal injury. We believe employment of skilled, qualified and competent workers is essential to the achievement of an incident and injury free work place.

HSE Policy