What We Do

Mosaic is a nationwide provider of extensive Integrated Infrastructure Solution.
We have considerable expertise in the various categories of our services:

Mosaic’s FM specialists develop optimum Facility Management solutions to meet existing business needs which can be adapted as the business develops

we match service agreements with the expectations, strategic business needs and financial boundaries of our clients so we can deliver performance targets that match their expectations. We are successful because of our integrated team approach. Our facilities management services :


Air – conditioning Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Building Maintenance & Repairs, Fire Detection & Protection, Water Treatment Services.


Waste Management Facilities, Quality Control & Performance, Review Gardening, Landscaping & Ground Maintenance, General office & Residential Cleaning, Pest Control & Hygiene, Health & Safety Management, Generator Services, Swimming Pool Maintenance.

We procure the best equipment or materials for you, depending on your own specific business requirements.
Whether it is consistency, reliability, price or engineering capability that you are after, there isn’t a product out there that we can’t save money on.
We manage everything to do with you, including sample prototypes, handling quality control, expert negotiation and all necessary due diligence. You will be provided with regular progress updates and we will work through equipment or material improvements together as a team.

Operational risk management now commands significant attention. This provides an overview of operational risk process and demonstrates how it will be embedded within the day-today operations of an organisation.

Mosaic assists organizations in transforming the way they leverage people, third-party relationships, business processes and controls to manage the operational risks and elevate business performance.

Mosaic emphasizes on integrating operational risk management systems within existing business process.

Our operational risk management services are designed to have a positive effect on employee performance, as well as bringing bottom line benefits. We provide structured and systematic approach to successfully manage a range of issues in any business.

Our Capital Project Execution teams are uniquely structured to provide the skill set required for each project and also help you manage and control your projects in order to minimizes risk, delivers maximum performance, guarantees compliance and ensure a successful project execution.
Capital project comes with opportunities and uncertainties; which often pose big risks to the successful execution. Executing on schedule, controlling costs, managing contractors and project changes, adjustment and regulations unique to each project and ensuring transparency and accountability from beginning to end is vital to the success of any capital project.
Mosaic’s expertise in capital project and ability to execute different project on schedule and within the budget forecast gives us the edge in the construction industry.

Mosaic are Specialists in “Sparkle Clean” cleaning. We have teams of cleaners who not only clean floors, but are also highly experienced in high level cleaning.

We provide expert care for the cleaning and maintenance of natural stone floors, Drainage Clearance and House Clearance.

Our Cleaning Services are designed for both Landlords and Tenants, Private Home Owners, Letting and Estate Agents.